Plein air watercolor painting of a house on East Main Street in Yarmouth, Maine.

My First Plein Air Watercolor!


C.H. Moor in action

This painting represents a huge milestone for me personally – it’s my first plein air watercolor EVER. I’ve been scared to do plein air. I did it one other time a few years ago when I was using acrylics, and wasn’t very pleased with the results. But since then I’ve been afraid to try it again – especially with watercolors. Yet I knew that I would have to get over my fear – and my biggest incentive has been my great-grandfather, C.H. Moor. He’s been my biggest personal inspiration, even though he died 13 years before I was born. That’s him in the photo, working on one of his paintings – in a suit and tie no less! Well, this morning I did it – with the encouragement of the Community House Artists (a group of artists that I’m a member of). The experience was great – very enjoyable – and I’m pleased with the results (though it’s a bit crooked and the perspective isn’t perfect). It will never be framed or make it into a show to be sure, but for my first plein air watercolor painting effort, I’m very satisfied. And more importantly, I’m convinced it’s something I want to get better at by doing it again and again.

PS: Curious to see some of my great-grandfather’s artwork? Visit my web site.

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