Sitting with the Chadbourns, Acrylic and oil, copyright Robert Delaney

Sitting with the Chadbourns

“Sitting with the Chadbourns”
Acrylic and oil on panel, 16×20
©Robert Delaney, 2016-17 | Not for sale… YET

In 2015, a celebration of Alfred “Chip” Chadbourn took place in Yarmouth, Maine. This celebration included a show of his works at Merrill Memorial Library on Main Street. Because of the nature of this show and the value of Chadbourn’s works, people from the art community were called on to volunteer to babysit the show. I volunteered for several shifts, and enjoyed it very much as it gave me time to really study his works and get to know them. In fact, prior to this event, I’d not actually heard of Alfred Chadbourn (he was before my time here). By the time I’d sat with the show several times, I was an absolute fan of his work. What a talent!

Study for Sitting with the Chadbourns, Ink on paper, 2015, Robert Delaney

“Study for Sitting with the Chadbourns” / Ink on paper, 2015, Robert Delaney

So while taking my babysitting shift one day, I pulled out my sketchbook, and sketched a scene in the art room of the library – a scene I’d grown accustomed to during my babysitting sessions, as I drew it while sitting in my favorite chair, looking across at another chair with a shelf of art books behind it, and two wonderful Chadbourn paintings on the wall. As soon as I’d sketched the scene, I knew I’d need to also paint it. And as often happens with me, the title popped into my head then and there… I would call it “Sitting with the Chadbourns”.

This painting turned out to be quite a challenge for me too, and for the first time I took more than a year to finish it. From now on when I see a painting in a museum that shows a span of years, I will understand. I was greatly inspired by Chadbourn’s work during this show, and I hope you enjoy this painting.

8 thoughts on “Sitting with the Chadbourns

  1. My longest was about four years. I just couldn’t figure it out. Once in a while I. would pick it up and try again to no avail.
    One day I took it out and in frustration I took a rag made up a very thin mixture of the oils with Terp & just rubbed it into the whole painting.
    It put a great atmosphere over the entire painting & completed it in less than 5 min.

  2. Enjoyed the original sketch, the painting and the story of how it all came about. Thanks for sharing Bob! 🙂

  3. Wow, Gordon… 4 years! Thanks for sharing your story on that. You probably recall from our phone conversation, but it was the chair that was killing me. There must be 15 coats of paint on that chair – I just couldn’t get it right. Finally I had another go around with it, but I used oils instead of acrylics, and that did it. I guess I felt the chair needed to look soft, and I just couldn’t blend the acrylics to get soft blends as easily. Thanks for your comment.

  4. After seeing the whole process I am so thrilled to have this beautiful painting hanging in our dining room!! It is beautiful!!

  5. Thanks so much sweetie – I appreciate how supportive you have been and continue to be of my art efforts! 🙂

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