Red Line, Boston, Photograph, Robert Delaney, 2009

Red Line, Boston

“Red Line, Boston”
©Robert Delaney, 2009

My first old photograph posted to this new art blog of mine. I became obsessed with old film cameras a handful of years ago and ended up with quite a collection (a collection that was usually in flux because I would sell a lot of what I brought home in order to support the hobby). If you want to see how obsessed I was, just explore the camera section of my D2 Gallery web site.

I took this photo while visiting a friend in Boston in 2009 using an Olympus Infinity Stylus (point and shoot) film camera loaded with Fujicolor Superia Xtra 400 color print film.

I still like to shoot film in 2016, but don’t make the time as often. It is my personal opinion that when it comes to fine art photography, film beats digital hands down. It offers an artsy organic warmth that I don’t get with digital.

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