Avalon Beach Patrol No. 46, Acrylic, 11x14, 2016

Avalon Beach Patrol No. 46

“Avalon Beach Patrol No. 46”
Acrylic on canvas, 11×14
©Robert Delaney, 2016 | SOLD (commission)

This painting was done as a commission for a friend – my first commission ever! That made it both exciting and stressful of course. But I told him I’d give it a try and that he’d be under no obligation to buy it if it didn’t come out good. But in the end I was very happy with the result, and so was the customer. The last thing I did on this painting was the small print on the side of the boat. It took me something like four attempt to get it right – I had to keep painting it over in white and trying again.

2 thoughts on “Avalon Beach Patrol No. 46

  1. Beautiful painting Bob!! So many colors in the sand and grass. Such a lovely soft touch with the sky. Congratulations on the commission, I would think any boat owner, seeing this painting would want you to paint their boat!

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