Old Pink Truck, watercolor on paper, 9x12, by Robert Delaney, 2016

Old Pink Truck

“Old Pink Truck”
Watercolor and gouache on paper, 9×12
©Robert Delaney, 2016 | $300 (matted and framed)

I came upon this truck while visiting Spencer Pond Camps in Maine. Spencer Pond is near Moosehead Lake, and Spencer Pond Camps is a group of cabins for rent on the shore of Spencer Pond. It’s a beautiful place to get away from the rat race – no electricity there, and you have to drive on about 18 miles of dirt logging roads to get to it. Yup, it’s quite remote. Anyway, they have a handful of trails around the camps, and this abandoned truck sits alongside of “Pink Truck Trail” there. According to the owners, the land was used to grow blueberries long ago, and this old truck was last used to haul said blueberries – until it died and they left it there alongside the road (which is now grown over and is just a path).

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